All of Kayka’s songs are based on her own experiences and observations. Which explains the zany points of view in the lyrics! And the guitar arrangements show off Kayka’s strong playing abilities through cool grooves and riffs! That is the sound of Kayka’s original songs, a modern rock/bluesy/theatrical niche of music!

Kayka developed her unique playing style by starting as a solo act. She handles her guitar creatively using percussive picking and strumming, open strings to support riffs, and intricate arrangements that give one guitar the the edge of a whole band. When playing with a band, she embellishes on this style but does not have to change much because of the full sound.

Music was introduced to Kayka as a child through years of classical piano lessons. In her teens, she turned to playing rock on the guitar as an outlet for adolescent rebellion. This later developed into a natural creative knack towards the six string instrument. Although her original music is of the rock genre, she has studied jazz, classical and jammed to the blues. She has also studied voice extensively to broaden her range and strengthen her vocal chops. She has a BA in music from Hunter College and a Masters in Music Education from Lehman College.  Today, Kayka shares her education and training through teaching music for a living.

Kayka plays shows throughout the New York area. She performs originals music in venues that support the arts, plays classical/instrumental dinner music in restaurants, and acts as a human jukebox as a solo acoustic or cover band when hired to play in bars so local drunks can sing along.



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